Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Turck Heats Up Their Temperature Transmitting Sensor

Turck ushers in a new era for their Temperature Transmitting (TTM) Sensors with the use of IO-Link technology.

Instead of being fixed to limited values, IO-Link technology now allows the user to program any desired temperature into the TTM sensor. Such an enhancement allows the sensor to adapt to quick change in an application, acting as a temperature switch.

The newest line of TTM sensors include remote mount transmitters, Integral Class resistance temperature detector (RTD) transmitters, stainless steel configurations and more. Each sensor includes a 4-20mA transmitter, and is prescaled 0-150 degrees Celsius. Turck TTM sensors also include the option of having an over-molded/welded housing. Over-molded models are most suitable for applications with limited clearance, as the electronics in side are protected. Integral Class TTM sensors can be mounted separately from their RTD, to improve temperature reading.

The new Turck TTM is available now. Need more information? Contact C&E Sales here!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Premium Data Transfer: Turck M12 X-Code Connector

Turck is looking to change the way you transfer data. 

The M12 X-Code offers a superior signal strength and speeds up to 10 gigabits/second, in comparison to 0.1 megabits/second with the traditional M12. This is achieved using four data pairs, each individually shielded within the connector, in conjunction with Category 7 copper cable. Such a design provides isolation from unwanted signal coupling between pairs, and improves performance.

Durable, the IP67-rated M12 X-Code can properly operate anywhere between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius. An overmolded construction eliminates the need for hand-wiring, allowing for efficient installation.

Be sure to visit C&E sales, or give us a call at 800-228-2790 for more information.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Extending Your Reach with the Turck Q120

Recently, Turck introduced its Q120 UHF RFID Read/Write head. This device is a flexible, compact RFID solution that improves identification in close to medium UHF applications. In terms of specs, the Q120 comes complete with  IP67 aluminum housing, and combines a circular polarized antenna with rest of the device's electronics.

Versatile, the Q120 connects to Turck's BL ident platform, in which it works with existing control systems and supports all of the major protocols in the system. The Q120 can operate on all RFID modules of Turck fieldbus systems, in addition to HF components.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bigger, Brighter, Better: The Banner TL70 Tower Light

Banner Engineering combines size with versatility for its newest offering, the TL70 tower light. The TL70 offers rich illumination from 5 different LED colors inside of a spacious tower measuring 70mm in diameter. Bigger & brighter lighting makes for any easy-to-see indicator or guidance tool in applications.

One of the Banner TL70's biggest advantages, is in how it is sold. Most stack lights come modular only, requiring you to assemble it to your standards. Banner however offers the TL70 in a pre-assembled version, giving customers a custom, ready-to-work solution right out of the box.

Check out the additional information below, and be sure to contact C&E sales for info on how to order!

  • 5 colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White
  • 4 audible tones on 92 dB alarm: Pulsed, Chirp, Siren, Continuous
  • 3 flash rates per segment: Solid, 1.5 Hz flashing, 3 Hz flashing
  • Light & audible segments easily configured using DIP switches for each segment
  • Black or gray housing available

Friday, October 17, 2014

Banner EZ-LIGHT K90: The Family That Keeps On Growing

Improving upon its predecessors such as the K50, the Banner EZ-LIGHT® K90 offers a responsive, bright indicator in a uniform design measuring 90mm. With its large size, the K90 still can withstand high impact conditions, as well as washdown with an IP67 enclosure rating.

For any process, its important to discern which member of the EZ-LIGHT K90 family you will need:

  • K90L: This model is available in 1-to-5 color models, in which only one color can be activated at a time. Each model includes a flashing input wire that will trigger any active color to flash at 1.6Hz
  • K90TL: Available in 2-to-5 colors in one device! Meant for use in which more than one color needs to be activated at a time. The indicator alternates between all active colors at a rate of 1Hz. Having multiple colors in one device not only offers versatility, but reduces energy cost as well.

For more information on Banner lighting, as well as multitude of accessories that will help enhance the role of the EZ-LIGHT K90 in your manufacturing process, click HERE.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Emitting Efficiently - The Banner LC65 Dimming Module

The Banner LC65 Dimming Module allows you to control the intensity of several Banner LED lighting products. High frequency pulse with modulation allows for precise intensity control and flicker free illumination. Banner's LC65 Dimming Module can help the sustainability of your process, decreasing the amount of energy expelled by a high volume source, such as lighting. The reduced energy costs can prove to be a substantial benefit in the long run.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to dim light at an operator station
  • Works with special models of the strip lights, heavy-duty lights, area lights, spot lights and work lights
  • Allows for control of multiple lights with one module
  • Ability to control intensity from zero to 100 percent to suit the level required for the application
  • Compact and easy to install
  • High-frequency PWM delivers flicker-free lighting

The Banner LC65 works with the following Banner LED lights: WLS28-2, WLC60, WLA, WL50S, WL50-2, WLC90.

For more information, download the literature HERE.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Banner WLS28-2: Doing More With Dual Colors

The Banner WLS28-2 Dual-Color LED Light Strips target a wide range of applications in which more than one color is required.

Having two colors in one device makes the Banner WLS28-2 ideal for applications such as mobile vehicle illumination, where red light makes it easier for the operator’s eyes to transition to dark areas at night. Another example is machine status indication, where alternating colors illuminate equipment during an error condition.


  • Low profile, space saving design
  • Densely spaced LEDs help provide enhanced light quality
  • Three-position switch (optional) allows for manual color selection
  • Rugged, water resistant models (IP69K) available
  • Internal temperature control protects against extreme conditions
  • Cascade the Banner WLS28-2 to minimize wiring

See the image below for all of the members of the Banner WLS28-2 family.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Expand Your Efforts in Safety with the Banner XS26

Building on the success of Banner’s most recent Safety Controller,

Introducing the Banner XS26  EXPANDABLE Safety Controller!

The next level of machine control just became more flexible by allowing expansion modules to increase the I/O count to handle larger and more complex machine safety applications.

  • Monitors a variety of input devices such as e-stop buttons, rope pulls, enabling devices, protective safety stops, interlocked guards or gates, optical sensors, two-hand controls and safety mats
  • Boolean logic functions for programming flexibility
  • Intuitive programming environment for easy implementation
  • Pre-configured safety function blocks including two-hand control, muting and enabling device to simplify application programming
  • Base Controller allows 8 of the 26 inputs to be configured as outputs for efficient terminal use
  • Expandable IO 
  • FREE SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD allows programming of both the stand alone and the expandable version of the safety controller

Part# Description
SC26-2 Banner Safety Controller, no display
SC26-2D Banner Safety Controller, with display
SC26-2E Banner Safety Controller, no display, with Ethernet
SC26-2DE Banner Safety Controller, with display and Ethernet
XS26-2 Banner Expandable Safety Controller, no diplay
XS26-2D Banner Expandable Safety Controller, with display
XS26-2E Banner Expandable Safety Controller, no display, with Ethernet
XS26-2DE Banner Expandable Safety Controller, with display and Ethernet
XS16SI Expansion Module, 16 inputs, NPN/PNP
XS8SI Expansion Module, 8 inputs, NPN/PNP
XS2RO Expansion Module, 2 Relay Outputs, 6A 250V ac/24V dc
XS2SO Expansion Module, 2 Digital Outputs, 0.75A max at 24V dc
XS1RO Expansion Module, 1 Relay Outputs, 6A 250V ac/24V dc
XS4SO Expansion Module, 4 Digital Outputs, 0.5A max at 24V dc
SC-XM2 External Memory Drive

                     STARTS SHIPPING – OCTOBER 6TH, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Driven to Succeed: The Siemens SINAMICS V20

The heart of any manufacturing process nests basic operations like pumping, moving, ventilating and processing, that help a product come into fruition. The Siemens SINAMICS V20 is a simple drive solution that automates those simple motion sequences, while simultaneously providing user benefits, such as:

Ease of Installation
  • Push through or panel mounting
  • Side by side mounting without space between
Ease of Use
  • Parameter loading without power on the drive
  • Built-in application macros
  • Keeps running through power dips

Cost Efficiency
  • ECO mode motor flux reduction
  • Hibernation mode

The SINAMICS V20 can also be individually adapted to a particular application or user requirement using various options - for example, an external BOP, connecting cable, filter, braking resistors, shielding are all available. For more information on the Siemens SINAMICS V20, click beneath image below:


Friday, September 5, 2014

Control Your Climate with Banner SureCross

The Banner SureCross® industrial radio devices provide reliable wireless environmental measurements without the need for costly wiring. Users can choose between star (-P6 Performance) or tree (-H6 MultiHop) RF topologies, enabling flexible deployments and maximum coverage. The Banner SureCross® Temperature and Humidity Solution can be built on either the Performance platform or the Modbus MultiHop platform.

Supplementary, 900MHz frequency versions allow for 1 watt RF power output and maximum signal integrity used in-facility. Both the SureCross -P6 and -H6 feature a single internal D-cell lithium battery which is easily replaceable and provides up to 5 years of life. Each radio features multiple configuration options and an  LCD display for user feedback and troubleshooting. When combined with the M12FTH4Q temperature/relative humidity sensor or the M12FT4Q temperature sensor, the Banner SureCross P6 & H6 can offer unprecedented flexibility, reliability and power management in an industrial environmental monitoring solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Achieves humidity accuracy of ± 2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of ± 0.3 ÂșC 
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensing elements housed in a robust stainless steel probe 
  • Traceable to NIST standards  
  • Reduces labor costs by obviating manual checks and eliminating error 
  • Achieves superior battery life while providing near real-time data 
  • Allows flexibility to select radios (-P6 or -H6) to fit either star or tree RF network topology

Friday, August 29, 2014

Banner Extends Its Sensor Family with the LE250

Meet the latest addition to Banner's L-Gage LE family of sensors: the LE250. With the same sturdy housing, intuitive user interface and linear array technology as the LE550, the LE250 inherits its reputation as an easy-to-use and reliable sensor.

The LE250’s optics have been optimized for improved performance over the 100 to 400 mm range. With a resolution of 0.02 mm out to 250 mm, and a resolution below 0.2 mm out to 400 mm, the LE250 actually provides better repeatability and accuracy than the LE550 for solving applications where more precision is needed. Additionally, the smaller spot size is ideal for detecting smaller features and provides enhanced performance across varying colors, including multicolored packaging.

With many competitors priced closer to $1000, the LE250 also provides a performance/price ratio unmatched by the competition.

Features & Benefits
  • Ready to measure from 100 to 400 mm right out of the box
  • Linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets 
  • Priced below competition with similar performance
  • Easy to set up and use with a two-line, eight-character display
  • Visible class 2 laser for small spot size and easy alignment

Applications: Quality Control, Error-Proofing & Process Control

  • Validate part thickness/height
  • Verify correct assembly of components 
  • Verify part presence (weld nuts, gaskets, etc.)
  • Positioning of robot end effector or nozzle 
  • Loop/tension control 
  • Part identification/sorting

Friday, August 8, 2014

Siemens HMI Stainless Steel Front Comfort Panels

Siemens SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels with stainless steel fronts are specially designed for use in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemical industries as well as other hygienic areas.  They feature the same functions as the standard Comfort Panels and fit into the same panel cutouts. 

The high quality requirements of the food and beverage industries necessitate a high standard of the food processing machinery. The essential issue in this case is that all facilities and components are easy to clean and disinfect, so that cross-contamination of food products can be avoided.

The panel's stainless steel front is ground with 240 grain and thus has a suitably smooth surface. The foil enclosing the display has been tested with respect to chemical stability; it minimizes grooves and gaps in which microorganisms can be deposited and in addition provides splinter protection for the display.

  • Easy to clean due to resistant and strong stainless steel front with a smooth surface; grooves and gaps have been minimized
  • High IP66K degree of protection on front for enhanced tightness and stability
  • Food compatible gasket and splinter protection for the display to avoid contamination of foodstuffs 
  • Optimized frame design with small protrusion over the cabinet for self-drainage of liquids

Product Features of TP700 Comfort INOX

General Features
7“ TFT widescreen display
Resolution (pixels) 
800 x 480
MTBF of backlight (at 25°C) 
80 000 hrs
Power supply
24 V DC
MaterialStainless steel 1.4301, Polyester-based foil
Steel brushed, 240 grain
Device gasket
EPDM, molded part
Special featurecontinuous line decorative overlay
Ambient conditions
Degree of protection, front 
IP66K, Enclosure Type  4 and 4x (indoor use only)
Degree of protection, rear
Ambient temp. during operation
0 … 50 °C
Relative humidity           max. 85 %, no condensation
Transport / storage temp.
- 20°C … + 60°C

 Food & Beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industries, other hygienic areas
Outside dimensions (W x H in mm) 
 214 x 158
Mounting depth in mm
 197 x 141
 1.88 kg
Special feature
Stainless steel tenter frame, mounting brackets made of die-cast Aluminium

Friday, August 1, 2014

TURCK's New Stainless Steel Sensors for Compact Applications

TURCK is proud to announce the addition of new 4mm and 5mm barrel sensors to its existing lineup. The new EG05K an EH04K are 15mm shorter than the standard EG05 and EH04, which allows the sensors to be used in applications previously not possible. These new, more compact sensors are a welcome addition to the stamping industry, medical device manufacturing and any application where small sensors are a requirement. 

The EG05K and EG04K are housed in a stainless steel barrel and come with a high flex TPU cable ensuring it can withstand harsh applications including those involving corrosive chemicals. Offering a 1mm sensing range and flush mounting, the EG05K and EH04K reduce the chance of damage while still offering the sensing range demanded. The EG05K and EH04K come equipped with a high visibility LED to provide users a visual indication of the sensor's status.  

"We created the EG05K and EH04K in response to hearing customers request a solution that met the increasingly compact requirements brought on by the shrinking size of machinery", explains John Murphy, Product Manager for TURCK. " These new additions provide our customers with the shortest M4 and M5 sensors on the market while retaining the robust qualities our customers expect from TURCK".

Friday, July 25, 2014

Banner EZ-LIGHT Compact Tower Light


The TL50 Compact family is a hybrid between the TL50  Beacon and the TL50 High Brightness design. They are the same height as the TL50 Beacon but offer a very uniform appearance and similar intensity to the TL50H. The shorter design makes this family of tower lights ideal for status indication on small to mid-size pieces of equipment.

They are now available in up to 7 segments in DC and 5 segments in universal voltage AC models. The DC design works down to 12VDC allowing for use in battery powered mobile equipment. 

  • Choice of 10 different colors - 7 segments on DC models and 5 segments on AC universal voltage models
  • Wide operating voltage ranges: 12 to 30 VDC (21 to 21 VAC) and 85 to 264 VAC
  • Bright, uniform lighted segments at only half the height of the standard TL50 models
  • Illuminated segments provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of equipment status
  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy to install multi-segment indicators
  • Audible models available with standard, sealed or omni-directional audible element
  • Completely self-contained; no controller needed
  • Available in black or gray housing

Friday, July 18, 2014

TURCK Flame Rated Cables - See the Difference!

Each of TURCK's Connectivity product lines offer an option with UL and CSA listed cables that are FT4 flame retardant. FT4 is a large scale flame test where cable is bundled into a specified flammable mass and suspended vertically in a flame chamber. Flame is applied using a 10" ribbon burner at 70,000 BTU's for 20 minutes. The cable char must not exceed 1.5 meters. This contrasts with UL and CSA AWM recognized only cables where small scale flame test may be as limited as one 30 second horizontal flame application at 1,700 BTU's from a Tirrell burner.

Check out TURCK's video "Flame Rated Cable vs. Non-Flame Rated Cable". The video provides a simple yet powerful demonstration of why it is essential to use flame rated cable from TURCK in applications where cable may be near or come into contact with flames.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs)

SafeSide PESDs from Grace Engineered Products are electrical components hardwired to a source of voltage(s) and installed into electrical systems enabling workers to validate zero electrical energy without being exposed to voltage. PESDs inherently minimize arc flash and shock hazards because they reduce voltage exposure, provide voltage labeling on all sources and provide 24/7 visual and/or audible indication of voltage.  


Voltage Indicators: After disconnecting power to an enclosure, electricians can pre-verify voltage isolation while the enclosure door is safely closed. The risk of arc flash is reduced because electricians know if there is power inside the enclosure before re-verifying isolation.

Voltage Portals: Safeside voltage portals installed on an electrical panel, allow maintenance people to use a non-contact voltage detector pen to check line voltage before and after they open the main disconnect.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Contactless Power and Data Transmission with IO-Link

TURCK is launching the NIC contactless inductive coupler, a wear free alternative to classic connectivity solutions. The new NIC series can be used for data and energy transmission and is able to transfer up to 12 Watts and .5 amps of power across an air gap of 7 mm. With a tolerated angle offset up to 15 degrees and a parallel offset up to 5 millimeters, the couplers can also be fitted in restricted and non-standard mounting locations while still allowing for full power transfer. 

The current version of the NIC series transfers two PNP switch signals. If the primary unit is connected to an IO-Link master, signals can be transferred bi-directionally from IO-Link-capable sensors and signals from IO-Link-capable DI/DO junction modules can also be controlled. When using a primary unit with an integrated IO-Link master and a 12-pole plug connector, and with a TBIL-M1-16DIP I/O hub on the secondary side, up to eight switching signals can be transferred, which can be used in the primary side as separate outputs.

A diagnostic function detects the presence of the secondary unit as well as any metal object in the air gap which may weaken a transfer.

As a "contactless connector" the new product series is an ideal solution of the wear problems occurring with plug and wiper contacts subject to severe stress. In overhead conveyor systems or on rollers, the inductive couplers offer a maintenance-free alternative to the wear-intensive slip ring. The speed of the system is ideal for use in applications with high cycle rates such as tool changer robot s rotary indexing tables: The secondary unit is operational within 10 milliseconds and supports Dynamic Pairing; i.e. the coupling of any primary and secondary units. The application specific tag in the IO-Link protocol makes it possible to identify the relevant IO-Link device precisely, which makes it possible to replace the use of additional identification equipment such as RFID for a tool or skid change application.

Solution option #1:Two PNP switching signals
Up to two PNP switching signals can be transmitted via the secondary part NICS-M30-IOL2P8-0.3-RKC4.4T (right) either from power clamp sets or from two different sensors that are connected via a VB2-splitter.

Solution option #2: One IO-Link device
If the primary part NICP-M30-IOL2P8X-H1141 (left) is connected to an IO-Link master, data from measuring IO-Link sensors can be transmitted bi-directionally. You can, of course, also connect IO-Link-capable actuators such as tower lights or the TBIL-M1-16DIP I/O hub with 16 digital PNP inputs.

Solution option #3: Eight PNP switching signals
The primary part NICP-M30-8P8-0.3-RSC12T works as an IO-Link master, allowing up to eight switching signals to be processed via the I/O hub TBIL-M1-16DIP (right). The entire IO-Link communication is handled internally, requiring no configuration for the user.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Magswitch - Changing the way things are done.

Magswitch is a mechanical device that turns a permanent magnetic field completely on and off. This offers new capabilities where magnets were not previously applied, including heavy material applications, pick and place, and ergo lifting.

Designed to optimize the saturation of a target, the "M"-shaped housing on these magnets provides maximum lifting strength on flat steel. Apply these tools to pick and place, cast material handling, and anywhere you need high strength holding on a minimized surface area. 
Combining the strength of the "M" housing and the ability to clamp single skin sheet steel, the Magswitch pin clamp revolutionizes a difficult application. Over-saturation achieves a unique clamping feature that reduces the need for mechanical clamps in welding jigs and automated fabrication.  The pin shape can be customized to fit your application.

The "AR" contains a rectangular housing with removable pole shoes, which work well with irregularly shaped surfaces: pipes, cylinders, etc. This toll is the best choice when no flat area exists on a target. With three possible work faces, the tools provide tremendous flexibility for multiple end of arm applications.

The "LAY" signifies Linear Array: designed for applications where stability and power are important. Ideal for long cylinders, tubing and rough surface finishes, the multiple magnetic fields in LAY units ensure strong holding forces on thin material. Each unit comes with replaceable pole shoes for improved on-site serviceability.

A highly technical tool series that allows maximum saturation (performance) on thin material, array units "AY" offers increased power of multiple Magswitches in a compact, singular actuator package. These units are suited to sheet handling on the fly or in shear. This is a revolutionary automation tool that for the first time, truly challenges suction systems while delivering fast payback on initial investment. Unit can be specified for deep field (JSC) or shallow field (ASC) operation.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Machine Vision Set-up Could Not Be Easier


Banner's iVu is the first touch screen image sensor that puts high performance inspection capabilities at your fingertips. It combines the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor and the intelligence of a vision sensor, delivering powerful and affordable inspection capabilities to solve a wide variety of complex applications. With the intuitive  functions for easy configuring and operating, first-time users can have it up and running in minutes, without training. Using the touch screen and intuitive interface, inspection parameters are easily configured and quickly deployable without a PC.  Simply put, it's an intelligent solution that allows inspections to be applied and supported right on the factory floor.


Monday, June 2, 2014

eWON Flexy 100/200 Industrial M2M Router and Data Gateway

The eWON Flexy allows OEMs and system integrators to link remote devices in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing and to communicate universally with the most varied field equipments.

The Flexy 100 is a data collection gateway without  any routing functions between LAN, WAN and serial sides. The main applications with the Flexy 100 are data monitoring and data collection from remote field equipments. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Banner's SureCross Wireless Q45 Sensor - Opposed Mode

New Emitter and Receiver models added to the Q45 Wireless line-up make opposed mode detection simple and straightforward without the need to run cable.

Banner is once again expanding the SureCross Wireless Q45 product family with the addition of opposed mode (Emitter/Receiver pair). These battery powered sensing devices are simple to install and can be separated by up to 30 meters (100 ft) depending on the excess gain requirements.  Two AA lithium batteries in each will last up to 2 years.

Installation is effortless with the receiver node's amber alignment LED which indicates when the infrared light beam between it and the emitter is made. With no software needed this sensor pair is simple to commission and maintain, yet highly expandable.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

TURCK's Powerfast Connectivity for Process Automation

TURCK expands its powerfast line of connectivity products to include a full line of solutions for process automation applications. Designed to replace expensive, time-consuming hard-wiring methods, powerfast for process automation provides a robust and reliable modular wiring solution. A full line of cordsets, receptacles, reducers, reducer tees, and power lokfast devices provides users with the ability to configure a complete power distribution system.

TURCK's powerfast process automation connectivity products are UL approved and available in A-Size (7/8") and D-Size (1-3/8") connectors and are rated for up to 30 Amps of power for a wide range of operation. Additionally TURCK process automation powerfast products carry FM approval for use in class 1 division 2 hazardous locations. Offering easy installation and customization, the powerfast system delivers flexible design capabilities, quick modifications and expandable options.

"We created the process powerfast line in response to customer requests that were looking for a modular power solution for their process applications" explained Jay Bartsias, Senior Product Manager for TURCK's connectivity division. "Now, we can offer our process customers the same convenient solution that was previously only available for factory automation applications."

The A-Size powerfast for process automation solution is IP67 rated and the D-Size solution is IP67, 68 and 69k rated. Both product lines are NEMA 1, 3, 4 and 6P rated with temperature rating up to 90 degrees Celsius.


  • Replaces time consuming hard-wiring methods
  • Quick-disconnect connectivity reduces installation time
  • Rugged, robust connector and housing
  • Provides modular power solution for process automation applications
  • Delivers flexible design capabilities, quick modifications and expandable options

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RFID: HF Solution with Extended Surface Area

TURCK announces the Q80L800 HF read/write head, the latest addition to the company's comprehensive RFID portfolio. The Q80L800, with a sensing range of 800 mm, offers an ideal solution for close and medium HF applications, such as conveyor applications, and expands the sensing area, providing improved performance and higher read rates of tags.

The Q80L800 HF read/write solution can be operated on TURCK's BL ident solution, which allows for easy integration into existing  control systems and supports all of the major protocols, providing an all-in-one industrial RFID solution. To offer even more flexibility, the Q80L800 can be operated simultaneously with UHF solutions, providing an industrial RFID solution that is unmatched in the market. 

The active read/write head supports the ISO 15693 Standard and combines antenna and electronics in a robust IP67 housing with the dimensions 80 x 800 x 25 mm. In combination with TURCK's robust HF tags, which allow direct mounting on metal, use at high temperatures or in autoclaves, the Q80L800 is a great solution for conveyor and web processing applications.

"The addition of the Q80L800 HF read/write head broadens our RFID portfolio and provides our customers with an improved solution", said Matt Boudjouk, product manager for TURCK. "The large sensing area provides customers with improved performance and an RFID solution that reads tags at a higher rate whenever the tags are mounted in a variety of locations."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EWT Conduit and AT Fastener - Separating, but Systematic

Murrplastiks new EWT-Split-Flex cable protection conduit - Two part, slit and re-sealable version.

The two part EWT Split Flex cable protection conduit and the accompanying AT click connector system can be used with all parts from the MP program.

Both systems allow pre-assembled cables and turnkey cable sets to be mounted into machines, equipment, control cabinets and walls with only a few steps.

It takes only a few tool-free steps to install the new AT split connector from Murrplastik Systemtechnik - one click and it's done. No complicated installation work: the protective conduit is fed into the cabinet, with the first half of the fastener set on the inside and then pushed through to the outside. The matching piece is clicked on from the outside. DONE! The technical concept is simple but efficient. The AT split connector consists of two halves and can be guided along the hose and then clicked into one another. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

Monitor temperature and humidity over long distances with ease.

Banner's SureCross temperature and humidity monitoring solution provides a simple way to verify conditions in locations that were once too difficult to access via traditional monitoring methods. With no software required, you can replace cables and extend the range of temperature and humidity signals with minimal effort. 

Easy to Apply

  • Wireless Q45 Sensor Node seamlessly integrates with Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • B2T Gateway module customized to work with the Wireless Q45 Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity or Temperature only sensor to choose from
Easy to Use
  • No software needed
  • Three DIP switch selectable  temperature ranges
  • Built-in red/green alarm indicator light
Easy to Support
  • LEDs for signal strength and operational status
  • Advanced expandability via Modbus RTU
  • Two year battery life at factory default update rate
Banner's SureCross Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor Solution provides reliable wireless environmental measurements without the need for costly wire runs to the monitoring point(s).
  • Achieves humidity accuracy of + 2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of + 1.3 degrees Celsius
  • Houses the temperature and relative humidity sensing elements in a robust stainless steel case
  • Is traceable to NIST standards
  • Reduces labor costs by obviating manual check and eliminating errors
  • Achieves superior battery life while providing near real-time data 

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Linear Measuring Solution for use in High Speed Motion Systems

TURCK announces the high speed Q25 inductive linear sensor to the automation market. The internal measuring frequency is user select-able and can be as high as 5 kHz resulting in accurate measuring speeds of 5 meters per second. This high measuring frequency allows the Q25  to provide real time monitoring and measuring, resulting in more precise control than previously available in other linear measurement systems. The Q25 inductive linear position sensors do not require a magnetic position device and are unaffected by metal debris commonly found in many industrial applications. The sensors provide high resolution and can be used to accurately measure lengths up to 1 meter. 

"We developed the high speed Q25 inductive linear sensor in response to requests for a faster response time" said Marty Cwach, Product Manager at TURCK. "With faster response time for a linear position sensor, our customers will be able to improve machine speed and production efficiency."

TURCK's linear inductive sensor operation is based on the RLC resistance inductance capacitance principle. Unlike potentiometric or magnetostrictive technologies, the sensors incorporate precisely manufactured printed emitter and receiver coil systems.  The emitter coils are activated with a high frequency AC field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The element is inductively coupled with the receiver coils, which are arranged so different voltages are induced in the coils, depending on the position of the actuator. The voltages serve as a measure for the sensor signal. Q-track sensors deliver maximum measuring spans, with minimal blind zone and high resistance to EMI/RFI noise interference.

The high speed integrated processor converts the signals into a 25 bit gray code SSI signal which can be connected to by an 8 pin M12. The Q25 high speed inductive linear sensors are a very compact design as compared to other designs based on magnetostrictive technologies. TURCK offers the Q25 in 10 standard measuring lengths starting at 100mm with 100mm increments up to 1,000mm. The Q25 has extremely short blind zones of only 29mm on each side. is IP67 rated along with a wide temperature range of -25 to 70 degrees Celsius. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nothing Measures Up....To Banner's New Laser Measurement Sensor

Banner's LE550 is the first model from the new L-Gage family expanding Banner's Measurement & Instrumentation offering.  VIEW BROCHURE

The LE550 offer a 1 m measurement solution with sub 1 mm resolution, and the linear array technology provides great performance regardless of color, even for difficult materials like metal and black rubber. The 2 line, 8 character LCD display makes the LE easy to set-up, even for first time users.

  • Ready to measure from 100 to 1000 mm right out of the box
  • Linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets
  • Easy to set up and use with a 2-line, 8-character display
  • Visible Class 2 laser for small spot size and easy alignment

  • Detect objects to very part-in-place and/or proper assembly
  • Measure part size and/or flatness 
  • Detect overlapping or excess material
  • Speed control for wind/unwind operations
  • Web tension control
  • Part or end-effector positioning
  • Fill control
  • Product identification and sorting

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Washdown Resistant ToughWash Signs and Labels

Tired of replacing signs and labels that just won't stay stuck?

Brady ToughWash materials are engineered for the rigors of typical washdown cycles used in food and beverage processing. They have tested their products against a wide range of washdown temperatures and pressures over hundreds of cycles using common sanitizers, harsh scrubbing and high pressure sprays.  The end result....some of the most durable signs and labels you can find.
If you don't believe Brady - TRY A FREE SAMPLE TO TEST YOURSELF
View Brochure

Brady's flexible B-854 ToughWash sign material is metal detectable in addition to being highly durable in washdown cycles. It is developed with an integrated metal detectable element so common detectors will detect sign fragments during the quality assurance or production process. Furthermore, this design will not delaminate and split into layers like other products, reducing the possibility of contamination.  You can use this material with some of Brady's most popular, powerful and versatile printing systems to design and print your own custom signage on site. View Brady Whitepaper: Metal-detectable and Washdown Resistant Identification Solutions

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PowerMount Systems Inc. for All Your T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Needs

PowerMount offers both standard T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions and custom aluminum extrusions along with many different coating options to include anodizing, powder coat and paint.


  • Custom machined extrusions and joining plates
  • Custom aluminum extrusions
  • Kits and fully assembled products available along with per piece sales
  • Custom coating to include anodizing, powder coat and paint and custom color coatings
  • SolidWorks, .IGS, and .step 3D model files along with .DWG and .DXF 2D model files for all products