Wednesday, October 19, 2016

C&E's Industrial Automation Expo - Carmel, IN - Less Than A Week Away!

Join C&E's Industrial Automation Expo in Carmel, Indiana next week! This expo is no charge and lunch is provided. This expo will:

  • Host a variety of workshops/seminars throughout the day highlighting SAFETY, AUTOMATION, SENSING, VISION, CONTROLS, and MOTION products
  • Support all your questions and interests with our product specialists, technical support, and supplier representatives
  • Have live demonstrations with working products

502 East Event Center
502 East Carmel Drive
Carmel, IN 46032

C&E's Industrial Automation Expo is manufacturers-driven to share ideas and technology, keeping manufacturing alive in America. Our vision is "To be recognized by our customers, suppliers, and employees as one of the Midwest market leaders and trusted advisors for industrial automation products and solutions. 

Seminar Descriptions:
  • I/O Link - Turbo Charged Sensor and Field Device Connectivity
    • More and more sensors and actuators today are already equipped with microprocessors which are used, for example, to control indication, for parameterization  and the storage of configuration data. For this reason; a lot of well-known manufacturers from the field of automation have come together and developed a fieldbus independent communication interface for sensors and actuators. Hosted by C&E Automation Specialist, Scott Henry
  • Motion Control in a PLC... Machine Control in a Drive
    • Discover what is possible with Siemens! Hear an overview on the built-in capabilities of Siemens PLC control for servo drives, and also the limitation which dictate a Motion Controller instead. Hosted by C&E Motion Specialist: Kevin Young
  • The Robots Are Coming!
    • Industrial robot use continues to expand and their use has become commonplace in many sectors of manufacturing. This presentation will provide attendees with a summary of the history of industrial robots and why & how they are being applied throughout manufacturing. Attendees will also gain insight into how several companies justified their automation projects using actual case studies. Hosted by: Dave Abair - Regional Sales Manager for Yaskawa - Motoman Robotics Division
  • Automation System Modernization
    • Hear from System Integrator DMC about the benefits of  Control Platform Modernization. You will learn in this session what modernization can do to help you improve your automation system, reduce project launch times and increase engineering efficiency. Hosted by DMC
      • If full modernization is not in your planning; included in this presentation will be Siemens EIP Connectivity. We will show you how you can use products such as Siemens Drive and HMI's with your current Rockwell processor. Hosted by C&E Automation Specialist: Scott Henry
  • Vision - Soup to Nutz - We Have The Right Solution
    • Discover vision solutions ranging from the more simple to complex. Which camera system will be right for your application? Attend this seminar to get an overview of the possibilities. Hosted by C&E Vision Specialist: Tony Belter
  • Safety - Multiple Solutions for Multiple Applications
    • Discover how the power of the product portfolio and application knowledge of C& E can boost safety performance for your facility. Better Safe than Sorry; don't wait until it's too late! Hosted by C&E Safety Specialist: Heinz Knackstedt
  • UHF RFID on the Factory Floor
    • Industrial RFID systems can allow for part traceability and control in your manufacturing processes. UHF RFID has been utilized in warehousing and logistics for years. Deploying UHF RFID in an industrial setting has a unique set of challenges and Siemens has developed a set of products to address those challenges. Attend this seminar to learn how Siemens readers and deployment tools can solve your UHF applications. Hosted by: Nick Hobbs of Patti Engineering and Jeff Snyder of Siemens

For questions, or more information, please call C&E at 800-228-2790. Thank you and we hope to see you at the show! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

New EtherNet/IP Encoders For High-Speed Applications From Turck

Turck has announced the availability of EtherNet/IP enabled encoders. These encoders provide an optical based solution with electronic multi-turn capabilities for position applications requiring feedback for customers using the EtherNet/IP and common industrial protocol interface.

The new EtherNet/IP encoders are available in both singleturn and multiturn variants, come with a diameter of 58 mm, offer a total resolution of up to 32 bits (16 for singleturn, 16 for multiturn), and have been designed specifically for high-speed applications. Allowing users to save time and cost, the encoders offer a requested packet interval time of 1 ms and allow operation in high-speed applications with up to a 1,000 Hz update frequency.

The RS-107/108 and RM-105/106 EtherNet/IP encoders offer Device Level Ring, allowing the network to stay active even if one direction of the communication bus lines is compromised. This is a bi-directional communication capability built into the encoder, meaning processes can continue while one unit is off-line. Additionally, due to their optical design, the encoders are highly immune to interference from magnetic fields.

For questions, or more information, please contact 800-228-2790. Thank you!

Friday, October 7, 2016

New in Double Sheet Detection: The Non-Contact Single Probe Detector from Prime Controls

Specifically designed for non-ferrous metals, the DS600 is the newest addition to Prime Controls' Double Sheet Detection solutions. The DS600 system pairs with a non-contact, single-probe sensor making it ideal for automation and robotic applications where sensing from one side is possible.

The DS600, when paired with a specific non-contact, single probe sensor, will detect non-ferrous metals (such as 300 Series Stainless Steel and Aluminum) with thicknesses ranging from .025mm to 3.81 mm. Housed in an IP65-rated enclosure, the DS600 unit is thoroughly protected in the typical shop floor environment.

Additional Features Available:

  • DS600 Premium - A hands-off product, offering eight-slot calibration memory, easily selected through discrete I/O, for quick change-overs with no re-calibrations required. This model also provides threshold adjustments and variable timing during the detection process for better gauging of metal thickness and more defined measurements. 
  • DS600 Premium Plus - With all the features of the DS600 Premium, the DS600 Premium Plus also offers additional memory, memory backup, and industrial communications capabilities to get the most out of the Double Sheet Detector. 

Join Jeff Rudy from Prime Controls for the "Metal Sensing - Double Sheet Detection" Webinar next Thursday, Oct. 13th. CLICK HERE, or call 800-228-2790, for more details.