Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Turck Heats Up Their Temperature Transmitting Sensor

Turck ushers in a new era for their Temperature Transmitting (TTM) Sensors with the use of IO-Link technology.

Instead of being fixed to limited values, IO-Link technology now allows the user to program any desired temperature into the TTM sensor. Such an enhancement allows the sensor to adapt to quick change in an application, acting as a temperature switch.

The newest line of TTM sensors include remote mount transmitters, Integral Class resistance temperature detector (RTD) transmitters, stainless steel configurations and more. Each sensor includes a 4-20mA transmitter, and is prescaled 0-150 degrees Celsius. Turck TTM sensors also include the option of having an over-molded/welded housing. Over-molded models are most suitable for applications with limited clearance, as the electronics in side are protected. Integral Class TTM sensors can be mounted separately from their RTD, to improve temperature reading.

The new Turck TTM is available now. Need more information? Contact C&E Sales here!