Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Modernization for Smart Manufacturing - Digitalize

How to Digitalize for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

To compete in the global marketplace of the future, manufacturers have to find new and innovative ways to reduce time-to-market, enhance flexibility and increase quality, efficiency and security.

Digitalization - the convergence of technologies such as data analytics, the cloud and the Internet of Things - addresses these challenges by offering operational agility and efficiency across the entire value chain. Benefits include shorter development times, resource and energy savings and improved flexibility - all increasing your ROI.

C&E and Siemens Can Help You Achieve Smart Manufacturing

Digital Workflow: Attain an open, virtual and networked operation - Accomplish a digital workflow using Siemens Digital Enterprise, Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and TIA Portal engineering platform - through virtual commissioning, cloud-based engineering, and open system user interface

Integrated Engineering: Reduce your time-to-market - Achieve integrated engineering with TIA Portal - reducing your engineering time by up to 30%. Work seamlessly in a team with Mulituser, increase machine flexibility with Option handling, and reduce engineering time via auto-generating functionality

Transparent Operation: Increase your productivity - Realize transparent operation through efficient information, energy and diagnostics management with open communication and network security

Modernization Made Easy: Integration with your existing system to enhance performance - By using a comprehensive set of support, training and tools your conversion allows familiarity from the start.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Combining Safety I/O and General Purpose I/O In A Single Device: Turck's Hybrid Safety Block I/O Module for CIP Safety

 Adding to their collection of fieldbus technology products, Turck has announced the release of their Hybrid Safety Block I/O Module for CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP.

Turck's hybrid safety concept combines both safety I/O and general purpose I/O in a single, rugged, on-machine, remote I/O device. The CIP Safety (TBIP) module expands the existing hybrid safety offering, which already includes an option for PROFIsafe over PROFINET.

Both IP67 hybrid modules can be adapted to the actual signal requirements of an installation through the use of configurable input/output points and by leveraging the flexibility of IO-Link. On the safety side, the hybrid modules offer two safety inputs for connecting safety sensors, such as light curtains or emergency stop buttons. Two additional safety channels can be used as either inputs or outputs. The general purpose (non-safety related) side includes four configurable discrete inputs/outputs capable of switching up to two amps when used as outputs. Two IO-Link master ports are also available, which offer an additional 32 points of configurable discrete I/O when used with Turck IO-Link hubs.

These devices can be used as remote safety I/O, or even operated as a standalone safety controller for local safe I/O. This allows the implementation of safety functions without the need for a safety PLC while still providing safety diagnostics and general purpose I/O data to a higher level non-safety PLC.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Banner Engineering K50 Touch Buttons - Now Featuring A Compact Flat Touch Surface

Previously available in domed models, Banner's next generation K50 touch buttons are now also available in a compact version with a flat touch surface. The K50 Compact Touch Button is easily actuated with the touch of a finger, hand, or whole palm, requiring no physical pressure to operate.

The low-profile design is ideal for panels, cabinets, and other space deployments. LED lights are concentrated closer to the window than domed models, making the indication brighter when viewed directly. This allows for improved visibility in very bright conditions. The K50 Compact models offer Smart Electric Field Sensing technology, providing Gen 2 touch buttons with excellent immunity to false triggering caused by the buildup of detergents, oils, and other foreign materials, as well as exposure to direct water spray.

  • Ergonomic design requires no physical pressure to operate, preventing stress on hands and wrists
  • Rugged, fully encapsulated IP69K construction for high-pressure wash-down environments
  • Models with either latching or momentary outputs
  • 1-, 2-, and 3-color models available to solve a variety of applications
  • Second generation models feature superior electrical noise immunity
  • Models made with food-grade materials available
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Friday, November 3, 2017

Safety Light Curtains in IP69K Hygienic Housing - Able to Resist Washdown & Chemical Cleaning - New From Banner Engineering

EZ-Screen LS safety light curtains from Banner Engineering are now offered with an IP69K Hygienic Housing. They can resist high-pressure, high-temperature washdown and aggressive chemical cleaning. These light curtains offer the same capabilities and ease-of-use of other EZ-Screen LS safety light curtains, but are protected by hygienic tubular enclosures. Do you have an application where maintaining sanitary conditions is critical? These light curtains are ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications where such conditions are needed.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-Clean, Hygienic Design: Made of FDA grade polycarbonate tubes and 316L stainless steel endcaps and mounting brackets. Each enclosure has a smooth, hygienic design that minimizes the opportunity for debris to accumulate, to comply with sanitary requirements.
  • Chemically-Resistant Construction: IP69K rated enclosures withstand frequent, repeated exposure to many chemical cleaning agents used to sterilize equipment. They will not discolor or become cloudy over time, ensuring reliable performance for safety light curtains as well as a long operational lifespan.
  • Hydrophobic Vent: Allows condensation to escape the enclosure and prevents water and chemicals from entering, eliminating the need for an integral heater element and simplifying maintenance. 
  • Remote Configuration of Fixed Blanking: Models with Remote Fixed Blanking can be set up to ignore fixed objects, such as brackets or fixtures, inside the defined area without directly accessing the receiver. 
For more information on Banner Engineering's new EZ-Screens, click here to visit their page. 

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