Friday, June 26, 2015



The SIEMENS SIRIUS ACT offers a unique of elegantly designed push buttons, indicator lights and switches that are the perfect embodiment of style, intelligence, and physical toughness.

Push Buttons

  • IP69K is standard
  • Worldwide approvals including ATEX
  • Four design lines in metal and plastic
  • Individual labeling of button cap

Mushroom Push Buttons

  • 30 mm, 40 mm, and 60 mm versions
  • Diverse range of colors available (yellow, green, red, blue, etc.)
  • Illuminated/non-illuminated versions
  • High flexibility thanks to considerable variance

Sensor Switch

  • Captive proximity switch
  • Pressureless operation, no strain on the hand
  • Few possibilities for ingress of contaminants thanks to a sealed system
  • Solution for two-handed operation consoles

Emergency Stop Mushroom Push Buttons

  • Safety connection via AS-i and Proisafe
  • Metal and plastic versions
  • Illuminated versions available
  • High flexibility thanks to considerable variance

Selector Switch

  • IP69K is standard
  • Different colors available
  • Always with integrated illumination option
  • Easy recognition of the switch position even from a distance

Coordinate Switch

  • Solutions for direction coordination
  • High flexibility thanks to three position versions
  • Easy and intuitive operation

Toggle Switch

  • Ease of operation for simple applications
  • Easy recognition of the switch position


  • Easy setting of an analog value
  • High flexibility thanks to different resistance values
  • Easy installation thanks to integrated resistor

Key-Operated Switch

  • RONIS, CES, BKS, etc. cylinder locks
  • Here also, IP69K is our standard
  • High flexibility thanks to a large number of lock systems

Indicator Lights

Single LED

  • Wide voltage range versions from 6-230 V
  • Compact versions with integrated LED


  • Two colors van be selected for each signaling device (green/red)

Modern Design

Easy To Use

Extremely Rugged

Flexible Communication

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


TURCK offers a complete line of molded Industrial Ethernet cordsets to facilitate network installation, resulting in faster start-up and fewer wiring errors. These robust cables are available with standard or solid-core conductors, and with or without shielding. Most TURCK Ethernet equipment uses the 4 or 8-pin (M12) eurofast connector specifications. These connectors provide a tough, rugged seal and IP67-rated. TURCK prvides RJ45 cordsets, as well as a variety of devices made to convert between RJ45 and eurofast connectors. TURCK cordsets for the Ethernet system are available in standard lengths, in addition to custom lengths through the company's sales representatives.

TURCK Ethernet Cables

  • TURCK Ethernet standard cables meet CAT5e channel requirements to 90 meter length (see types 440, 441,840, 841)
  • TURCK Ethernet cables are PoE (Power over Ethernet) compliant, per IEE 802.3 af, to 80 meters, when installed per recommendations in TIA TSB-184 (see types 440,441, 840, 841)
  • TURCK Ethernet cable type 444 is ITC rated and approved for use in C1D2 (hazardous location) environments when used with our 4pin D-code M12
  • Gigabit Ethernet (X-code) options available

TPE Cable Jacket Material

  • Excellent oil resistance (including lubricant used in most robot dress packs)
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Good ozone resistance
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • Excellent weld splatter resistance
  • Good flame and fire resistance
  • High flexing up to 10 million cycles for stranded cable
  • Low temperature brittle point

600 Rated Cable

  • Can be run in a tray with other high voltage cables (upon entering a panel, communications circuits must be separated/protected from the power circuit)

Standards Information

  • UL Listed Communications Cable (CM), style #2463
  • Cordset assemblies are UL Listed (DUXR) Communications, Audio Video, Data- and Signaling- circuit Accessories, #E464271
  • UL Listing for assemblies
  • Comply with EtherNet/IP standards, ODVA, EIA/TIA 568-C.2 and ISO/IEC standards

Monday, June 8, 2015

TURCK's New uprox3 Series

TURCK's New uprox3 Series Features Longer Sensing Ranges in More Compact Design

TURCK announces the uprox3 series of sensors, which offers the largest switching distances of all Factor 1 sensors on the market thanks to an electronic platform that uses the latest chip set and manufacturing technologies. These technologies are a world first, enabling the creation of the uprox3 Factor 1 sensors in compact, 4mm smooth barrel and M5 designs with a 1mm switching distance, even for flush mounting. TURCK has also managed to shrink the previously most compact M8, M12 and M18 designs.

uprox3 sensors are the third generation of TURCK's uprox Factor 1 sensors. Although the existing uprox+sensors offered large switching distances for all metals, these distances are increased by as much as 50 percent in the new sensors. it previously was unattainable to senese 3mm in the M8 design, 6mm in M12 and 10mm in M18. However, thanks to the consistent development of its uprox technology, TURCK has been able to achieve these larger switching distances without any compromises in performance. The uprox3 sensors still offer outstanding application reliability for demanding sensing tasks, but also allow for the possibility to complete new installations.

Because of their inherent immunity to magnetic fields, the uprox3 series sensors are suitable for use in many demanding industrial sectors, such as welding for the automotive and metal forming markets. The new uprox3 series will be available with robust PTFE coated sensors in M8, M12 and M18 designs. Weldgaurd will also be available. Like their predecessors, all uprox3 sensors offer a high EMC stability and flexible mounting including full flush mounting, as well as precise switch points.

If you would like a demonstration, please contact your local representative. For a quote, please email our customer service team at .

Friday, June 5, 2015

QR24 Sensor

TURCK Updates QR24 Sensors for Mobile Equipment

TURCK released a new QR24 rotary inductive sensor to expand programmability for industrial applications and improve rotary position feedback for mobile equipment market. The QR24 for the mobile equipment features a low operating voltage of 8-30 VDC with 0.5-4.5 V output. This technology is immune to vibrations and interference, ensuring accuracy and longevity to avoid replacement downtime and come in an IP68/IP69K rated housing to protect against moisture and dust in demanding environments.

All QR24 sensors use resistance inductive capacitance (RLC) measuring technology to process and communicate position. Each sensor is manufactured with printed emitter and receiver coil systems fully potted within the housing. When the emitter coils are activated with a high-frequency AC field, they produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The position of that element is processed based on the induced signal to the receiver coils in the sensors.
For mobile equipment and industrial applications, this wear-free technology is ideal when applied directly to the shaft of a motor to provide superior accuracy for position feedback. In conjunction with RLC technology, TURCK's QR24 rotary inductive sensors provide high-resolution and 16-bit noisleless operation. The double resonator system offers increased distance capability and high-end signal processing with a multicore microprocessor for enhanced speed.