Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Banner EZ-Light TL70 Modular Tower Light

Single Multi-Color Segment & Louder Audible Segment

A multi-color module supporting up to three standard colors in a single segment is now available for Banner's TL70 Tower Light. This module has the same brightness and form factor as a single color segment and can be used to replace a three segment tower light. A TL70 can accommodate one multi-color module per light. A single color segment or audible module may also be used with a multi-color module used in the bottom position. 

Also available for the TL70 Tower Light is a loud 101 dB audible module. This module is twice as loud as the standard audible module and can be easily heard in environments where high ambient noise competes with critical alerts and alarms.Volume can be controlled via dipswitches on the module. 

Other benefits:
  • Modular or pre-assembled versions available
  • Bright illuminated modules provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of equipment status
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP65 housing with UV stabilized material
  • Segments appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light
  • Choice of 5 different LED segment colors

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Smart Vision Lights Debuts DDL Dome Lights

Smart Vision Lights recently introduced its DDL Dome Light Series. These lights are designed to read code, eliminate reflections and shadows, while providing uniformity and repeatable illumination for challenging vision inspections. The DDL Dome Lights feature the new Multi-Drive integrated lighting controller. This technology allows the user to run the array in constant ON operation or pulse/strobe the light at a much higher intensity level without any other devices. The built-in Multi-Drive protects the LEDs from premature degradation and failure caused by excessive heat. The Multi-Drive regulates the current delivered to the LEDs and limits the duty cycle of the light. These lights are available in 100 mm, 150 mm, and 250 mm dome diameters.

Light Output Cutaway

The dome shape gives this product a particular advantage in uniformity when illuminating and reading OCR codes on reflective or round surfaces. 

Wavelength Colors

The LED Dome Light Series are available in the following wavelength colors. Additional wavelengths available upon request.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 Starter Kit: PLC & HMI

Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 Starter Kit Is An Economical Way To Introduce The Power And Efficiency Of Siemens PLC's And HMI's

The new SIMATIC S7-1500 controller combines enhanced performance and usability to set new standards in productivity. It is seamlessly integrated with TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation) that provides intuitive navigation, workflow, and maximum engineering efficiency for reduced project costs.

S7-1500 PLC And 7" Comfort Panel HMI for $2890.00. Use part# SIEMENS/S7-1500-STARTER-KIT. Price as of 12/15/2015 is subject to change. 

CLICK HERE to visit the Siemens SIMATIC web page.

S7-1500 PLC Features:

  • Built-in display for settings, alarms, diagnostics, company logo, and more
  • Setup network/IP directly
  • Built-in 2 port switch
  • I/O modules for every application, high feature, diagnostics, specialty
  • Advanced program functions, technology objects, security objects, web interface
  • 60ns bit performance down to 1ns in S7-1518 processor

Siemens S7-1500 Kit Parts

Comfort Panel HMI Features
  • High-res widescreen display 4" to 22", 16 million colors
  • 4,000 tags, 2MB recipes
  • Archiving over SD, USB, net, 50 archives, 2,000 tags, .txt, .csv, .rdb formats limited only to available space
  • Scripting, OPC UA, f(X) trend, auto backup, USB transfer
  • Media player, Office viewer, PDF viewer, Sm@rtServer, Web Browser
  • Built-in 2 port switch
  • Aluminum frame

For more information, please visit the Siemens SIMATIC web page (CLICK HERE), or please contact custservice@cesales.com. Thank you.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Microscan's MicroHAWK Barcode Reader

Incredibly Powerful, Record-Breaking Barcode Reading!

MicroHAWK barcode readers pack incredible decoding power inside a micro form factor. Despite unpredictable print issues, scratches, or obstructions, Microscan's advanced X-Mode decoding algorithms render damaged symbols readable. MicroHAWK also utilizes the latest in processing technology to ensure that codes can be read at incredible speeds, so you can break records for operational efficiency and break away from the competition.

  • Choose from 3 decoder options for omnidirectional 1D, dual 1D/2D, or advanced X-Mode
  • Read at the speed you need (from 10 to 60 frames per second for high-speed lines)
  • Read printed, marked, damaged, and a mix of 1D and 2D codes on a single part

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Narrow-Beam Radar Sensors For Detecting Moving & Stationary Targets

Banner has released a new Q240 radar-based sensor with a very narrow beam pattern. Its pattern makes it an extremely robust solution for applications where users need to monitor a specific area without detecting adjacent objects. It will function reliably in outdoor deployments, despite regular exposure to rain, wind, fog or sunlight, especially with its custom snap-on all-weather shield.

Additional Features:
  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave radar detects moving and stationary objects
  • Two independent adjustable sensing zones (far and near proximity warning signal)
  • Detect objects up to 40 meters away
  • Robust to extreme weather conditions
  • Resilience to high shock and vibration conditions
  • Easy setup and configuration of range, sensitivity, and output with simple DIP switches
  • Rugged IP67 housing withstands harsh environments

Datasheet available: Click Here

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