Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fortress Interlocks tGard

tGard is the new innovative approach to controlling access to hazardous machinery and equipment.  It is a compact metal body system that enables the configuration of various safety products including electrical safety gate switches, mechanical trapped key interlocks, and electrical operator controls, either a separate devices or integrated in one device.

tGard offers a customized safety solutions as standard and defined by a range of tGard elements including selector switches, safety switches, solenoid switches, trapped key systems, emergency release, push buttons, E-stops, indicator lamps and a choice of operating handles.  These elements are selected and then assembled into a robust housing, providing the user with an exact configuration specific to their needs.

tGard is quick and easy to install and can be mounted directly onto a flat surface, doors, or extruded aluminum without need for mounting plates or brackets.  

Customized Safety Solution as a Standard

  • Simply Robust
  • Customize
  • Future proof for future element expansion
  • Easy to Install
  • Quick Disconnects as a standard

(Available November 2013)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Red Lion's Watchdog Relay

Red Lion's Watchdog relay is the industry's only rugged hardware-based solution that reliably monitors and provides fail-safe shutdown of processes controlled by RTUs, PLCs and other automation devices. This industrial automation solution helps to proactively protect unmanned processes on 24/7 basis.
Innovative Features:
Watchdog Relay monitors the pulsing output heartbeat of a connected device to add an extra level of safety that helps protect critical processes across industrial environments that include oil, gas, maritime, power and energy.  If the heartbeat stops for reasons that may include power surges, extreme weather or device malfunctions, Watchdog's built-in Form C relay will immediately energize and provide a signal that can be used to safety shut down the process. The signal sent upon loss of control helps to avoid costly damage to materials and equipment.

Built to operate under extreme conditions, the Watchdog Relay supports temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius, as well as 5% to 85% humidity.  It carries Class I, Div II and ATEX hazardous locations certifications, and has been marine and offshore tested and/or verified to meet standards such as ABS, DNV No. 2.4 and Lloyds.

Red Lion's Watchdog Relay allows customers to protect unmanned processes across a diverse range of industries to include oil, gas, maritime, power and energy.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

BOA 200: Dual Core Processor in a Smart Camera

Teledyne DALSA releases the BOA 200 a higher-performance addition to the BOA family of Smart Camera products.  "Pumped up" with a 1.2GHz dual core processor, the BOA 200 offers excellent price/performance for applications that demand higher speed or higher resolution processing.  Resident software, accessed via a web browser interface, eliminates the need for in-plant software version control.

BOA 200 is packaged in a small rugged enclosure that fits easily into existing production lines, machinery or moving equipment.  The product can deliver over four times the processing speed of the standard BOA camera and provides additional memory for both program execution and solutions storage. BOA 200 offers a flexible inspection system that is ready to setup, easy to integrate and quick to deploy on the factory floor with a choice of application software embedded.
BOA 200 software variants include iNspect Express, IDR and Sherlock. All three software packages include a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities, as well as support for standard factory protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus and ProfiNet.
What makes smart cameras an ideal solution for machine vision and inspection?
Publication: Manufacturing Automation Author: Ben Dawson
Publication Date: 06/07/13

The BOA camera line includes a range of resolution and performance models for both monochrome and color applications. The products are offered with panel ready accessories that provide integration convenience and expandability. BOA cameras can be deployed across a diverse range of applications and industries.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stainless Steel Junction Box for Harsh Process Environments

TURCK Stainless Steel Junction Box Connects Up to 
Eight Signals in Harsh Process Environments

TURCK introduces its new stainless steel process junction box. With the ability to consolidate up to eight individual, localized analog or discrete signals into a single device, this junction box streamlines connectivity requirements. For greater simplicity, the signals are then routed to a control unit through a single homerun cable.

In addition to simplifying connectivity, TURCK stainless steel process junction boxes provide a robust connectivity solution in harsh environments such as oil and gas exploration, off-shore drilling platforms and pharmaceutical plants. The junction boxes feature FM approval for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations, and ingress protection of IP67 including the junction boxes receptacles as long as the ports are covered/connected. Additionally, TURCK stainless steel process junction boxes have cast 316 stainless steel electropolished housing ensuring optimal performance in areas that present severe environmental conditions including water, salt spray, gases and other corrosive materials.

"The new stainless steel process junction boxes take our connectivity capabilities to a whole new level," said Jeff Schoenberg, Connectivity Product Manager, TURCK. "With a robust design and enhanced connection capabilities for multiple signals, our customers can achieve the performance and compatibility required for harsh process automation environments."

TURCK stainless steel junction boxes utilize TURCK minifast (7/8”) or eurofast (M12) port connectors and include a multifast (M23) homerun connector.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WLC Series Heavy Duty LED Lights

NewWLC Series Heavy Duty LED Lights

Two new models engineered to withstand harsh environments.

  • Oil, chemical, and water resistant with IP67, IP68g, and IP69K rating.
  • Both models available with discrete intensity level settings.
  • High brightness paired with advanced glare-reducing optics.
  • Easy to install with a wide variety of mounting solutions.
  • Input voltage of 12–30V dc 
  • Integral 4-pin M12 Euro-style Quick Disconnect connector

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thomson Glide Screw™

Introducing the new 
Thomson Glide Screw™
Combines the features of a linear bearing and a screw in one compact package

What is a Glide Screw™?
The Glide Screw™ is a breakthrough innovation from Thomson. We have combined the features of a linear bearing and a lead screw into one compact package. The patent-pending Glide Screw™ brings to you three tangible values: reduced footprint, improved equipment uptime, and lower cost of ownership.
  • Reduced footprint: Fewer components!  – Integrated lead screw and linear bearing with no additional guidance needed.
  • Improved equipment uptime: Screw and linear bearing are already aligned.
  • Lower cost of ownership:
    • Easy to install: Minimal prep time makes the install process fast.
    • Minimal maintenance: Integrated Thomson Lube-for-Life lubrication block.
  • Custom configurations available: Special nuts, screw diameters and thread leads available to accomodate your specific application.

Which applications are a great fit for the Glide Screw™?The Glide Screw was designed to solve the challenge where smaller, cleaner, smoother, and quieter mechanical motion products are required, e.g.:
  • 3D printing and engraving
  • Fluid pipetting / 3-axis lab automation
  • Test tube handling
  • CD duplication
  • Pick & place
  • Syringe pumps
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • Medical imaging
  • Many others!
The Thomson Glide Screw is genuine innovation, unique in motion control, and available now.  To learn how your next machine design can benefit from this new technology, call Thomson or click below to get complete technical infomation and downloadable 3D models.