Friday, October 31, 2014

Extending Your Reach with the Turck Q120

Recently, Turck introduced its Q120 UHF RFID Read/Write head. This device is a flexible, compact RFID solution that improves identification in close to medium UHF applications. In terms of specs, the Q120 comes complete with  IP67 aluminum housing, and combines a circular polarized antenna with rest of the device's electronics.

Versatile, the Q120 connects to Turck's BL ident platform, in which it works with existing control systems and supports all of the major protocols in the system. The Q120 can operate on all RFID modules of Turck fieldbus systems, in addition to HF components.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bigger, Brighter, Better: The Banner TL70 Tower Light

Banner Engineering combines size with versatility for its newest offering, the TL70 tower light. The TL70 offers rich illumination from 5 different LED colors inside of a spacious tower measuring 70mm in diameter. Bigger & brighter lighting makes for any easy-to-see indicator or guidance tool in applications.

One of the Banner TL70's biggest advantages, is in how it is sold. Most stack lights come modular only, requiring you to assemble it to your standards. Banner however offers the TL70 in a pre-assembled version, giving customers a custom, ready-to-work solution right out of the box.

Check out the additional information below, and be sure to contact C&E sales for info on how to order!

  • 5 colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White
  • 4 audible tones on 92 dB alarm: Pulsed, Chirp, Siren, Continuous
  • 3 flash rates per segment: Solid, 1.5 Hz flashing, 3 Hz flashing
  • Light & audible segments easily configured using DIP switches for each segment
  • Black or gray housing available

Friday, October 17, 2014

Banner EZ-LIGHT K90: The Family That Keeps On Growing

Improving upon its predecessors such as the K50, the Banner EZ-LIGHT® K90 offers a responsive, bright indicator in a uniform design measuring 90mm. With its large size, the K90 still can withstand high impact conditions, as well as washdown with an IP67 enclosure rating.

For any process, its important to discern which member of the EZ-LIGHT K90 family you will need:

  • K90L: This model is available in 1-to-5 color models, in which only one color can be activated at a time. Each model includes a flashing input wire that will trigger any active color to flash at 1.6Hz
  • K90TL: Available in 2-to-5 colors in one device! Meant for use in which more than one color needs to be activated at a time. The indicator alternates between all active colors at a rate of 1Hz. Having multiple colors in one device not only offers versatility, but reduces energy cost as well.

For more information on Banner lighting, as well as multitude of accessories that will help enhance the role of the EZ-LIGHT K90 in your manufacturing process, click HERE.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Emitting Efficiently - The Banner LC65 Dimming Module

The Banner LC65 Dimming Module allows you to control the intensity of several Banner LED lighting products. High frequency pulse with modulation allows for precise intensity control and flicker free illumination. Banner's LC65 Dimming Module can help the sustainability of your process, decreasing the amount of energy expelled by a high volume source, such as lighting. The reduced energy costs can prove to be a substantial benefit in the long run.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to dim light at an operator station
  • Works with special models of the strip lights, heavy-duty lights, area lights, spot lights and work lights
  • Allows for control of multiple lights with one module
  • Ability to control intensity from zero to 100 percent to suit the level required for the application
  • Compact and easy to install
  • High-frequency PWM delivers flicker-free lighting

The Banner LC65 works with the following Banner LED lights: WLS28-2, WLC60, WLA, WL50S, WL50-2, WLC90.

For more information, download the literature HERE.