Friday, August 26, 2016

Visual Inspection Made Easier Based on The Eye's Response to Color

An interesting facet of the human eye's function is that we are most sensitive to green light. Studies show that the color Green is easiest to see because it's in the middle of the visible light spectrum. Using this knowledge, Banner has taken visual inspection to the next level and offers a multitude of green light application solutions. 

Why Does Green Light Work?
  • Contrast from ambient light
  • Reaction to materials and oils
  • Operator stimulus
  • Angle of reflectance
  • Human Eye Response
    • Most sensitive to green
    • Green appears the brightest
    • True in dark and bright ambient conditions
  • Stamping
    • Surface inspection
      • Class A surfaces
      • Steel
      • Carbon fiber

  • Metals
    • Weld inspection
    • Crack inspection

  • Glass
    • Surface and edge inspection
      • Windshields
      • Windows

  • Plastic
    • Short shot detection
      • Extrusion
      • Molded parts

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