Friday, May 16, 2014

Banner's SureCross Wireless Q45 Sensor - Opposed Mode

New Emitter and Receiver models added to the Q45 Wireless line-up make opposed mode detection simple and straightforward without the need to run cable.

Banner is once again expanding the SureCross Wireless Q45 product family with the addition of opposed mode (Emitter/Receiver pair). These battery powered sensing devices are simple to install and can be separated by up to 30 meters (100 ft) depending on the excess gain requirements.  Two AA lithium batteries in each will last up to 2 years.

Installation is effortless with the receiver node's amber alignment LED which indicates when the infrared light beam between it and the emitter is made. With no software needed this sensor pair is simple to commission and maintain, yet highly expandable.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

TURCK's Powerfast Connectivity for Process Automation

TURCK expands its powerfast line of connectivity products to include a full line of solutions for process automation applications. Designed to replace expensive, time-consuming hard-wiring methods, powerfast for process automation provides a robust and reliable modular wiring solution. A full line of cordsets, receptacles, reducers, reducer tees, and power lokfast devices provides users with the ability to configure a complete power distribution system.

TURCK's powerfast process automation connectivity products are UL approved and available in A-Size (7/8") and D-Size (1-3/8") connectors and are rated for up to 30 Amps of power for a wide range of operation. Additionally TURCK process automation powerfast products carry FM approval for use in class 1 division 2 hazardous locations. Offering easy installation and customization, the powerfast system delivers flexible design capabilities, quick modifications and expandable options.

"We created the process powerfast line in response to customer requests that were looking for a modular power solution for their process applications" explained Jay Bartsias, Senior Product Manager for TURCK's connectivity division. "Now, we can offer our process customers the same convenient solution that was previously only available for factory automation applications."

The A-Size powerfast for process automation solution is IP67 rated and the D-Size solution is IP67, 68 and 69k rated. Both product lines are NEMA 1, 3, 4 and 6P rated with temperature rating up to 90 degrees Celsius.


  • Replaces time consuming hard-wiring methods
  • Quick-disconnect connectivity reduces installation time
  • Rugged, robust connector and housing
  • Provides modular power solution for process automation applications
  • Delivers flexible design capabilities, quick modifications and expandable options