Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RFID: HF Solution with Extended Surface Area

TURCK announces the Q80L800 HF read/write head, the latest addition to the company's comprehensive RFID portfolio. The Q80L800, with a sensing range of 800 mm, offers an ideal solution for close and medium HF applications, such as conveyor applications, and expands the sensing area, providing improved performance and higher read rates of tags.

The Q80L800 HF read/write solution can be operated on TURCK's BL ident solution, which allows for easy integration into existing  control systems and supports all of the major protocols, providing an all-in-one industrial RFID solution. To offer even more flexibility, the Q80L800 can be operated simultaneously with UHF solutions, providing an industrial RFID solution that is unmatched in the market. 

The active read/write head supports the ISO 15693 Standard and combines antenna and electronics in a robust IP67 housing with the dimensions 80 x 800 x 25 mm. In combination with TURCK's robust HF tags, which allow direct mounting on metal, use at high temperatures or in autoclaves, the Q80L800 is a great solution for conveyor and web processing applications.

"The addition of the Q80L800 HF read/write head broadens our RFID portfolio and provides our customers with an improved solution", said Matt Boudjouk, product manager for TURCK. "The large sensing area provides customers with improved performance and an RFID solution that reads tags at a higher rate whenever the tags are mounted in a variety of locations."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EWT Conduit and AT Fastener - Separating, but Systematic

Murrplastiks new EWT-Split-Flex cable protection conduit - Two part, slit and re-sealable version.

The two part EWT Split Flex cable protection conduit and the accompanying AT click connector system can be used with all parts from the MP program.

Both systems allow pre-assembled cables and turnkey cable sets to be mounted into machines, equipment, control cabinets and walls with only a few steps.

It takes only a few tool-free steps to install the new AT split connector from Murrplastik Systemtechnik - one click and it's done. No complicated installation work: the protective conduit is fed into the cabinet, with the first half of the fastener set on the inside and then pushed through to the outside. The matching piece is clicked on from the outside. DONE! The technical concept is simple but efficient. The AT split connector consists of two halves and can be guided along the hose and then clicked into one another. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

Monitor temperature and humidity over long distances with ease.

Banner's SureCross temperature and humidity monitoring solution provides a simple way to verify conditions in locations that were once too difficult to access via traditional monitoring methods. With no software required, you can replace cables and extend the range of temperature and humidity signals with minimal effort. 

Easy to Apply

  • Wireless Q45 Sensor Node seamlessly integrates with Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • B2T Gateway module customized to work with the Wireless Q45 Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity or Temperature only sensor to choose from
Easy to Use
  • No software needed
  • Three DIP switch selectable  temperature ranges
  • Built-in red/green alarm indicator light
Easy to Support
  • LEDs for signal strength and operational status
  • Advanced expandability via Modbus RTU
  • Two year battery life at factory default update rate
Banner's SureCross Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor Solution provides reliable wireless environmental measurements without the need for costly wire runs to the monitoring point(s).
  • Achieves humidity accuracy of + 2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of + 1.3 degrees Celsius
  • Houses the temperature and relative humidity sensing elements in a robust stainless steel case
  • Is traceable to NIST standards
  • Reduces labor costs by obviating manual check and eliminating errors
  • Achieves superior battery life while providing near real-time data 

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Linear Measuring Solution for use in High Speed Motion Systems

TURCK announces the high speed Q25 inductive linear sensor to the automation market. The internal measuring frequency is user select-able and can be as high as 5 kHz resulting in accurate measuring speeds of 5 meters per second. This high measuring frequency allows the Q25  to provide real time monitoring and measuring, resulting in more precise control than previously available in other linear measurement systems. The Q25 inductive linear position sensors do not require a magnetic position device and are unaffected by metal debris commonly found in many industrial applications. The sensors provide high resolution and can be used to accurately measure lengths up to 1 meter. 

"We developed the high speed Q25 inductive linear sensor in response to requests for a faster response time" said Marty Cwach, Product Manager at TURCK. "With faster response time for a linear position sensor, our customers will be able to improve machine speed and production efficiency."

TURCK's linear inductive sensor operation is based on the RLC resistance inductance capacitance principle. Unlike potentiometric or magnetostrictive technologies, the sensors incorporate precisely manufactured printed emitter and receiver coil systems.  The emitter coils are activated with a high frequency AC field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The element is inductively coupled with the receiver coils, which are arranged so different voltages are induced in the coils, depending on the position of the actuator. The voltages serve as a measure for the sensor signal. Q-track sensors deliver maximum measuring spans, with minimal blind zone and high resistance to EMI/RFI noise interference.

The high speed integrated processor converts the signals into a 25 bit gray code SSI signal which can be connected to by an 8 pin M12. The Q25 high speed inductive linear sensors are a very compact design as compared to other designs based on magnetostrictive technologies. TURCK offers the Q25 in 10 standard measuring lengths starting at 100mm with 100mm increments up to 1,000mm. The Q25 has extremely short blind zones of only 29mm on each side. is IP67 rated along with a wide temperature range of -25 to 70 degrees Celsius.