Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

Monitor temperature and humidity over long distances with ease.

Banner's SureCross temperature and humidity monitoring solution provides a simple way to verify conditions in locations that were once too difficult to access via traditional monitoring methods. With no software required, you can replace cables and extend the range of temperature and humidity signals with minimal effort. 

Easy to Apply

  • Wireless Q45 Sensor Node seamlessly integrates with Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • B2T Gateway module customized to work with the Wireless Q45 Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity or Temperature only sensor to choose from
Easy to Use
  • No software needed
  • Three DIP switch selectable  temperature ranges
  • Built-in red/green alarm indicator light
Easy to Support
  • LEDs for signal strength and operational status
  • Advanced expandability via Modbus RTU
  • Two year battery life at factory default update rate
Banner's SureCross Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor Solution provides reliable wireless environmental measurements without the need for costly wire runs to the monitoring point(s).
  • Achieves humidity accuracy of + 2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of + 1.3 degrees Celsius
  • Houses the temperature and relative humidity sensing elements in a robust stainless steel case
  • Is traceable to NIST standards
  • Reduces labor costs by obviating manual check and eliminating errors
  • Achieves superior battery life while providing near real-time data 

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