Friday, July 19, 2019

Koganei: A Pioneer in the Pneumatic Industry

 Koganei Corporation is a leading company to serve factory automation and labor saving requirements with their pneumatic and electronic product range. By using pneumatics features, which are cleanliness, low cost, and functionality enabling delicate human finger-like movement, Koganei provides solutions required in a wide range of industries.


Innovative and Blue Ocean" is Koganei's meaning of iB series. Blue ocean refers to the strategy of less competition. 
Cyclone Water Separator 
Superior water separation performance (over 99%). Maintenance free.

iB-Flow Flow Sector
Digital Flow Controller
Remote operation of needle opening to control flow rate is possible. Flow rate feedback can be used for control and switching between multiple flow rates is also possible.    

Digital Flow Controller
Easy setup of cylinder operation time (Input of values from 0.05 to 30 seconds). Cylinder operation time can be measured. Simple cylinder syncronization setups.   

Linear Stepping Actuator
Simple point-to-point operation. Simple stroke, acceleration/deceleration, thrust level settings. A linear motor and no deceleration mechanism greatly reduces operating noise. 

5-Port Manifold Solenoid Valve
Thin and lightweight,easy assembly,6 fittings,and 3 flow rate models can be combined in one manifold.

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