Friday, September 30, 2016

Attend One of Our Siemens Seminars at Our Upcoming Industrial Automation Expo!

C&E will be hosting an Industrial Automation Expo in Carmel, IN on Oct. 25th, 2016. Our expo is manufacturer's-driven to share ideas and technology keeping manufacturing alive in America. There will be workshops and seminars throughout the day highlighting safety, automation, sensing, vision, controls, and motion products. Below is a list of our variety of Siemens seminars that will be held during the expo. Please stop by for a visit and attend as many seminars as you'd like.

Motion Control in a PLC... Machine Control in a Drive:

  • Discover what is possible with Siemens! Hear an overview on the built-in capabilities of Siemens PLC control for servo drives, and also the limitation which dictate a Motion Controller instead.
Rockwell to Siemens Conversions:
  • Hear from a systems integrator to the possible benefits of a control platform conversion. You will also learn in this session how this process can be managed to be an efficient and effective task.
Siemens EIP Connectivity:
  • If a conversion is not in your planning, included in this presentation will be Siemens EIP Connectivity. We will show you how you can use products such as Siemens Drives and HMI's with  your current Rockwell processor. Discover how simple this process can be with tools Siemens has added for your use.
UHF RFID On The Factory Floor:
  • Industrial RFID systems can allow for part traceability and control in your manufacturing processes. UHF RFID has been utilized in warehousing and logistics for years. Deploying UHF RFID in an industrial setting has a unique set of challenges and Siemens has developed a set of products to address those challenges. Attend this seminar to learn how Siemens readers and deployment tools can solve your UHF applications. 

For more information about our Industrial Automation Expo, please visit or call 800-228-2790. We hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Delivering More Force And A Longer Service Life: The Tolomatic Hygienic Electric Cylinder

The Tolomatic ERD hygienic all-stainless-steel electric cylinder features a new roller screw option that increases the maximum thrust to 7868 lbf for expanded cylinder life and improved performance in high duty cycles over ball screw models. Tolomatic's ERD hygienic cylinders are IP69k-rated and are available with strokes up to 16 inches and speeds up to 22 inches (559mm)/second. They are ideal for clean-in-place operation as they can withstand high-temperature and high-pressure washdowns. The smooth body hygienic design eliminates the need for actuator guarding fixtures, which simplifies machine design and lowers costs.

ERD hygienic actuators are compatible with a variety of third-party stainless steel and white paint servo motors, creating a flexible, clean-in-place, electric linear motion solution. Motor mounting can be in-line with the actuator or in a reverse-parallel configuration that reduces overall length and allows for near pivot mounting. Models are shipped built-to-order in around 15 days.

For more information, please contact C&E sales at 800-228-2790. Thank you!