Friday, October 24, 2014

Bigger, Brighter, Better: The Banner TL70 Tower Light

Banner Engineering combines size with versatility for its newest offering, the TL70 tower light. The TL70 offers rich illumination from 5 different LED colors inside of a spacious tower measuring 70mm in diameter. Bigger & brighter lighting makes for any easy-to-see indicator or guidance tool in applications.

One of the Banner TL70's biggest advantages, is in how it is sold. Most stack lights come modular only, requiring you to assemble it to your standards. Banner however offers the TL70 in a pre-assembled version, giving customers a custom, ready-to-work solution right out of the box.

Check out the additional information below, and be sure to contact C&E sales for info on how to order!

  • 5 colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White
  • 4 audible tones on 92 dB alarm: Pulsed, Chirp, Siren, Continuous
  • 3 flash rates per segment: Solid, 1.5 Hz flashing, 3 Hz flashing
  • Light & audible segments easily configured using DIP switches for each segment
  • Black or gray housing available

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