Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Magswitch - Changing the way things are done.

Magswitch is a mechanical device that turns a permanent magnetic field completely on and off. This offers new capabilities where magnets were not previously applied, including heavy material applications, pick and place, and ergo lifting.

Designed to optimize the saturation of a target, the "M"-shaped housing on these magnets provides maximum lifting strength on flat steel. Apply these tools to pick and place, cast material handling, and anywhere you need high strength holding on a minimized surface area. 
Combining the strength of the "M" housing and the ability to clamp single skin sheet steel, the Magswitch pin clamp revolutionizes a difficult application. Over-saturation achieves a unique clamping feature that reduces the need for mechanical clamps in welding jigs and automated fabrication.  The pin shape can be customized to fit your application.

The "AR" contains a rectangular housing with removable pole shoes, which work well with irregularly shaped surfaces: pipes, cylinders, etc. This toll is the best choice when no flat area exists on a target. With three possible work faces, the tools provide tremendous flexibility for multiple end of arm applications.

The "LAY" signifies Linear Array: designed for applications where stability and power are important. Ideal for long cylinders, tubing and rough surface finishes, the multiple magnetic fields in LAY units ensure strong holding forces on thin material. Each unit comes with replaceable pole shoes for improved on-site serviceability.

A highly technical tool series that allows maximum saturation (performance) on thin material, array units "AY" offers increased power of multiple Magswitches in a compact, singular actuator package. These units are suited to sheet handling on the fly or in shear. This is a revolutionary automation tool that for the first time, truly challenges suction systems while delivering fast payback on initial investment. Unit can be specified for deep field (JSC) or shallow field (ASC) operation.

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