Friday, July 18, 2014

TURCK Flame Rated Cables - See the Difference!

Each of TURCK's Connectivity product lines offer an option with UL and CSA listed cables that are FT4 flame retardant. FT4 is a large scale flame test where cable is bundled into a specified flammable mass and suspended vertically in a flame chamber. Flame is applied using a 10" ribbon burner at 70,000 BTU's for 20 minutes. The cable char must not exceed 1.5 meters. This contrasts with UL and CSA AWM recognized only cables where small scale flame test may be as limited as one 30 second horizontal flame application at 1,700 BTU's from a Tirrell burner.

Check out TURCK's video "Flame Rated Cable vs. Non-Flame Rated Cable". The video provides a simple yet powerful demonstration of why it is essential to use flame rated cable from TURCK in applications where cable may be near or come into contact with flames.

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