Friday, September 5, 2014

Control Your Climate with Banner SureCross

The Banner SureCross® industrial radio devices provide reliable wireless environmental measurements without the need for costly wiring. Users can choose between star (-P6 Performance) or tree (-H6 MultiHop) RF topologies, enabling flexible deployments and maximum coverage. The Banner SureCross® Temperature and Humidity Solution can be built on either the Performance platform or the Modbus MultiHop platform.

Supplementary, 900MHz frequency versions allow for 1 watt RF power output and maximum signal integrity used in-facility. Both the SureCross -P6 and -H6 feature a single internal D-cell lithium battery which is easily replaceable and provides up to 5 years of life. Each radio features multiple configuration options and an  LCD display for user feedback and troubleshooting. When combined with the M12FTH4Q temperature/relative humidity sensor or the M12FT4Q temperature sensor, the Banner SureCross P6 & H6 can offer unprecedented flexibility, reliability and power management in an industrial environmental monitoring solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Achieves humidity accuracy of ± 2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of ± 0.3 ÂșC 
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensing elements housed in a robust stainless steel probe 
  • Traceable to NIST standards  
  • Reduces labor costs by obviating manual checks and eliminating error 
  • Achieves superior battery life while providing near real-time data 
  • Allows flexibility to select radios (-P6 or -H6) to fit either star or tree RF network topology

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