Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Who Let The Dogs Out? Siemens Sirius ACT ID Key-Operated Switch Will Tell You!

If you're frustrated by compromised passwords on HMI screens, Siemens provides a key ring-friendly RFID access stick/receptacle solution. Siemens ID key-operated switches connected to an IO link master can individually ID and monitor each key. ID key-operated switches are used in place of conventional key-operated switches, where the enabling of certain functions is required.

The Sirius ACT key-operated switch is an electronic switch based on RFID technology, helping you increase security in your application by identifying and authorizing single users and user groups.

In the video below, join one of C&E's Automation Specialists, Larry Ponziani, as he introduces the new product in the Sirius ACT group of control products from Siemens.

For questions, please contact C&E at 800-228-2790. Thank you! 

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