Friday, April 1, 2016

Visit C&E At The Upcoming Industrial Automation Expos!

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It may be April Fool's Day, but products provided by C&E sales are no joke! Come view the many things we have to offer at our upcoming Industrial Automation Expos. These events are manufacturer-driven to share ideas and technology keeping manufacturing alive in America. These expos are no charge and offer seminars throughout the day highlighting safety, automation, vision, controls, and motion products.

These events will be held on May 24th in West Chester, OH and on May 26th in Evansville, IN.

CLICK HERE for details, more information, and registration.

Come and Join One of The Many Workshops/Seminars Offered Throughout the Day:

  • What Drive Is Right For My Application? Siemens Drives; User-friendly Through Modularity: Flexible combinability with a high degree of operator friendliness, learn how to choose the correct drive for your application. Siemens offers several VFD families and each has a slightly different feature-set to suit the diverse range of automation needs. The SINAMICS family of drives, that represents a completely new design, addresses the potential to reduce costs. In this seminar, you will learn about the SINAMICS V20 and G120, along with all of Siemens VFD families, and how to select the right one for your application. 
  • Wireless Monitoring - Eliminate the Loss of Productivity: By wireless remote monitoring processes you can catch problems before they occur. Wireless nodes are self-contained and require no cables, cordsets, or external power. They are designed for the most challenging control and monitoring applications. See how Banner Wireless products can measure, monitor, and collect data to reduce production costs.
  • Siemens "Totally Integrated Automation": Learn how Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) allows for the holistic optimization for the production process. Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 & S7-1500 with TIA Portal offers new possibilities to further increase machine productivity and make engineering processes more efficient. TIA Portal seamlessly integrates safety technology for the protection of personnel, machinery, and the environment.
  • Safeguarding Potential Hazardous Machine Operation: C&E's Safety Specialist, Heinz Knackstedt, will guide you through the steps to provide safe and effective machines and processes. Learn to identify possible hazardous situations encountered while performing tasks using the Risk Assessment process. Determine the level of risk to help select the risk reduction measure(s) which reduces that risk to an acceptable level by utilizing safeguarding devices and Banner's expandable safety controller.
  • Turck IO Control Networks: See TURCK'S complete line of distributed IO products for industrial fieldbus using Multi-protocol Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU and CANopen. TURCK offers EtherNet solutions where IO can connect directly or indirectly to EtherNet via on-machine, in-cabinet, block and modular IO products. TURCK's multiprotocol products are self-configuring and offer a seamless transition to EtherNet; whatever EtherNet that may be.
  • Quality Inspection Technology: By understanding how a vision system can increase product quality you will begin to realize lower production costs.  With integrated LED lighting, IP67 housing, easy-to-use software, and easy integration with factory systems the BOA Spot instantly delivers high-value capabilities at a low cost of ownership. At the other end of the spectrum;  we have LMI's 2D and 3D imaging systems for precision measurement and cloud-point data applications.
  • Minimizing Arc Flash Hazards with Modular Disconnect Enclosures: This discussion will center on the ways Rittal's modular freestanding enclosures can be used to mitigate arc flash hazards. When considering safety and design flexibility during the planning stage; Rittal's isolation enclosure solutions provide the capability to isolate high- and low-voltage equipment within the confines of their respective enclosure, assisting in the compliance with NFPA 70E workplace safety standards.
  • Switchable Magnets for Industrial Automation: See how Magswitch has changed steel fabrication and handling processes by improving safety, productivity and efficiency of metalworking operations. Magswitch mechanical devices turn a permanent magnetic field completely ON and OFF providing fail-safe automation tools. Magswitch can replace costly vacuum cups and traditional pin clamps, which over time present expensive energy efficiency and breakage problems. 

For questions or more information, please call 1-800-228-2790. Thank you!

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