Friday, January 24, 2014

TURCK HL Receptacle Extension Simplifies Connections in CI D1 Areas

TURCK introduces the HL (Hazardous Location) receptacle extension providing users with a connectivity solution for Class I Division 1 (CI D1) locations without the need to install conduits and poured seals. The HL receptacle extension also eliminates the need for intrinsic safety barriers by providing fully encapsulated housings joined by a welded aluminum armored cable available in lengths up to 20 meters.

The extension threads into the conduit entry of the device in a CI D1 hazardous location and extends the connector into a Class I Division 2 (CI D2) area where it can be easily mated with a minifast connector. Due to the use of MC-HL cable and the explosion blocking qualities of the housings, this product has been FM approved for use in CI D1 areas without the need for installing conduit and poured seals or intrinsic safety barriers.  

The HL receptacle extension offers a solutions for oil and gas applications in hazardous areas that was previously not available. This is an ideal solution for those looking for an easier, safer and more cost effective way to connect devices without needing a barrier or poured seals.

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