Monday, January 20, 2014

C&E Now is a Distributor for Rittal

Rittal - The System

The whole is more than the sum if its parts.

The same is true of "Rittal - The System." With this in mind they have bundled their innovative enclosure, power distribution and climate control products together into a single system platform that is unrivaled anywhere else.


The New Support Arm System
Convenience in perfection
  • Easily adjusted without dismantling the system
  • Fast, uniform assembly concept
  • Perfect adjustability of the support arm system with integral rotation range restrictor
  • Consistent combination options without loss of design

Efficient cable management
  • Cross-section sufficient for large connectors
  • Separation between data and power cables
  • Removable cover for simple cable entry
  • Flexible cable entry and routing options
  • Automatic, consistent potential equalization

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