Friday, April 6, 2018

Avoid Costly Downtimes And Eliminate Challenges With Smart Sensor Technology

What is a Smart Sensor?

Smart sensors provide the ability to setup a sensor locally using the built-in buttons and menu display. Long after a sensor has been in place, when the sensor is damaged or has failed, the replacement sensor must be setup for the application. It can take some time to locate the correct sensor data sheet, so if someone is unfamiliar with the push button sequence and menu display, it can delay setup, thus resulting in extended machine downtime and profit loss. Smart sensors help eliminate such challenges.

Banner offers an extensive line of smart sensors to help solve applications. Watch their video highlighting their offerings and how they could handle your challenging requirements, help you avoid downtimes, and how they can even let you know when maintenance is required.

C&E is also hosting a webinar on smart sensor technology next Thursday, April 12th. CLICK HERE for details. 

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