Friday, September 8, 2017

proNet - Networked Access & Control Devices: The Latest in The Fortress Product Family

Fortress Interlocks is introducing the next big thing in their product family, the proNet family. The proNet modules allow the features of amGardpro to become a distributed IO (input/output) on either an Ethernet IP or a ProfiNet network. Safety information is exchanged using either the CIP Safety or the ProfiSafe protocol.

The modularity of the amGardpro range can incorporate:

  • Guard locking
  • Escape release
  • Safety key technology
  • Basic machine control functionality into a single device which can now be connected to both of the leading industrial Ethernet networks
An integrated network switch facilitates ring topology with no additional hardware cost of the system setup. It provides the ability to mix safety devices and standard devices on the same network for seamless integration and increased flexibility. 

Key Benefits of Using Networked Safety Gate Switches:
  • Comprehensive diagnostic coverage for internal fault detection
  • Maximum safety rating: Category 4/PLe
  • The system can be expanded at any point to include additional functionality
  • Locking force up to 10,000N - the highest level currently available on the market
  • Drastically decreases installation and commissioning time by significantly reducing the wiring of each unit
  • Device data can improve preventative maintenance schedules leading to decreases in production downtime
  • Remote access enables authorized personnel to potentially diagnose system errors without being on-site
  • Devices can be daisy chained to create a ring topology network which enables the network to remain resilient to a single point of a failure
  • Due to the ease of setting parameters, the replacement of a device for maintenance purposes can be achieved in minutes
For questions, or for more information, please contact C&E at 800-228-2790. Thank you! 

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