Friday, August 14, 2015

Banner L-Gage LE Sensor

A Low Cost, Reliable Solution Across a Variety of Targets

The LE provides a low cost, easy to use, reliable solution for measurements across a variety of targets including metal, wood, paper, and plastic.
  • Key features include:
    • LCD display
    • Linear Array
    • Laser Emitter
    • Input Modes
    • Analog & Discrete outputs
  • Key points to remember:
    • Performance
      • 100-1000 mm range
      • <1 mm resolution
      • <1-10 mm repeatability
      • Advanced features
    • Ease of use
      • LCD Display
    • Low price
LCD Display
  • Real time display for easy setup and troubleshooting
  • 8 characters x 2 lines provides easy to read feedback
  • 3 LEDs for quick reference of sensor status
  • Great contrast for easy reading
Run Mode                                                                             

Menu System
                                                                  LE Models

                                                                     LE Accessories

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