Friday, April 17, 2015

Gocator 2320

Gocator 2320: Designed Specifically For Small Parts Inspection

 3D Inspection
Since we live in a three-dimensional world, small parts assemblies are notoriously difficult for traditional dimensional inspection techniques. Since the Gocator 2320 is a three dimensional sensor, it provides the perfect quality control solution by capturing and analyzing the the irregular curves, bevels, angles and surface reflectivity of electronic small parts accurately.

 Perfect Fit

The sensor's narrow housing allows it to be mounted in tight spaces so OEMs and System Integrators can easily integrate it into inspection machines already crowded with other devices and equipment. The Gocator 2320 also has built-in ability to mount multiple sensors side-by-side, expanding the field of view as many times as needed. In addition, like all Gocator sensors, the 2320 comes in a robust industrial IP67 rated housing, with an intuitive experience that is unmatched in the 3D sensor market.


Gocator 2320 has an all-in-one scanning, measuring and control capability. As a result of this all-in-one feature, it delivers repeatable results on small electronic parts of any size, shape or material.

High Accuracy and Repeatability

The Gocator 2320 produces highly accurate and repeatable results to meet the demands of the electronics assembly line, with Z repeatability under 5um and X resolution under 20um

Field of View

Gocater 2320 has a 67% lager field-of-view than Keyence's LJ-V7060, plus it delivers higher Z resolution and Z repeatability throughout the measurement range for a more accurate scan result.

Application-Designed Measurement Tools

With Gocator 2320 you can leverage application-designed measurement tools to quickly generate results depending on a specific measurement task, as well as powerful processing features driven by a dedicated hardware pipeline for 3D point generation.

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