Friday, March 6, 2015

Rest Easy With eWON's COSY 131

As the newest member of the eWON family, the COSY 131 offers supportive industrial remote access in a compact, cost-efficient package. Once its easily installed into a Local Area Network, the COSY 131 can aid customers in such applications as remote access to PLC/HMI cameras or PLC remote maintenance.

Handy, eWON's COSY 131 is offered in is normal Ethernet package,  as well as Cellular and WiFi capable packages. The Cellular and WiFi options avoid connecting on a company network, offering free access, high bandwidth, and secure network management. 

Another key component of the eWON COSY 131, is its secure SSL-based VPN connectivity. The information is encrypted and only authenticated users can connect. VPN access can also be controlled with an external key switch.

Check out more info regarding the eWON COSY 131 in the video below, and be sure to contact us HERE at C&E Sales for more info!

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