Thursday, March 13, 2014

Washdown Resistant ToughWash Signs and Labels

Tired of replacing signs and labels that just won't stay stuck?

Brady ToughWash materials are engineered for the rigors of typical washdown cycles used in food and beverage processing. They have tested their products against a wide range of washdown temperatures and pressures over hundreds of cycles using common sanitizers, harsh scrubbing and high pressure sprays.  The end result....some of the most durable signs and labels you can find.
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Brady's flexible B-854 ToughWash sign material is metal detectable in addition to being highly durable in washdown cycles. It is developed with an integrated metal detectable element so common detectors will detect sign fragments during the quality assurance or production process. Furthermore, this design will not delaminate and split into layers like other products, reducing the possibility of contamination.  You can use this material with some of Brady's most popular, powerful and versatile printing systems to design and print your own custom signage on site. View Brady Whitepaper: Metal-detectable and Washdown Resistant Identification Solutions

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